Thursday, April 8, 2010

Roosevelt Island

Home with Gabriel this afternoon: we took a bike expedition to Roosevelt Island, on the Virginia side of the Potomac. This is a small island nestled between two fairly busy roads, I-66 as it crosses the Potomac and the G-W Parkway in Rosslyn. And it's directly in the last stages of the flightpath into National Airport. But the island itself is unspoiled, in that swampy way that much of the Potomac banks seem to be. And there's a very nice bike path that gets you there. You can hop on a path at the front of the Kennedy Center and be safe as houses until you reach the Island-- where you have to leave bicycles on the mainland and walk across.

Gabriel didn't seem especially impressed. The statue of Roosevelt, which has a bit of socialist realism to it, seemed to scare him a bit, and he wasn't so interested in walking around.
But he really does enjoy being in the bicycle. I have to be careful about leaving his bicycle trailer too prominently in the backyard, because he'll sometimes insist on going for a ride.

On the way home we stopped at a nice small park that I'd never seen before, at Virginia and 21st. We sat on the ground and ate his entire supply of edamame.

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