Thursday, April 1, 2010

More new words from Gabriel

Gabriel's now at a point where if you ask him to repeat a word, he will take a crack at it-- and will generally do pretty well. But it's quite different when you haven't solicited the word and he blurts it out in the proper context.
Examples from this evening:
1) "pizza." Gabriel and I rode our bike up to Cleveland Park to get pizza from Vace. I got a few slices; they put the slices in a paper bag and I threw the bag in the back of the Burley trailer, and we went home. When I got him inside the house, I asked Gabriel if he wanted dinner. He said "pizza" and nodded. He really likes pizza.
2) "paci" (short for pacifier). As I was taking him upstairs tonight to put on pajamas, we passed the kitchen island, and he pointed at something on it and said "paci". And he was pointing at his pacifier.
3) "bath". While tonight was scheduled bath night (every other day, is his current schedule), we got in late enough that i was ready to let it slide. But as I was taking off his clothes and his old diaper, getting set to put on the nighttime diaper and his pajamas, he got up and said "bath." And headed for the bathroom.
4) "milk". He's said it before, but tonight I asked him whether he wanted water or milk, and he emphatically said "milk."
This is a clever lesson Alison taught me, by the way-- when he's fixated on a thing he wants to do, that I don't want him to do (like staying outside in the front yard endlessly, as was the case tonight), you don't tell him he can't stay outside anymore. You ask him to choose between two different options, each of which preclude staying outside. Hence my milk v. water choice. And it worked great-- meltdown averted.

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