Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pizza at the library

So, here's a sign that you're a bad parent: your kid associates libraries not with books but with pizza.
Vace Pizza was a family favorite long before Gabriel came along, and we've indoctrinated him to its joys as well. It's in Cleveland Park, which means it's one of maybe 3 reasons we ever use our car (the others being visits to Grandma in College Park, and trips to the beach).
It also happens to be across Connecticut Avenue from the Cleveland Park branch of the DC Public Library. And so now, even if we have no intention of actually going in the library, no trip to pick up Vace pizza is complete unless we have a little picnic on a bench outside the library to have a slice. This is something he insists on in virtually any weather. As it happens, the embedded picture is from a beautiful early-autumn afternoon visit to the neighborhood. And it's certainly not a book that is putting that smile on his face.

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